The ADO Corporation™

The ADO Corporation™

The Association for the Development of the Organizations

The ADO Corporation is a holding Company under the umbrella of the Association for the Development of Organizations. Since its inception in 1979, The ADO Corporation, through its Limited Partners is involved in business areas as far-reaching as Business Consultancy (ADO Consulting) Capital Management and Securities Investment (Fund Management), the development of Commercial and Marketing Services (Marketing Business Consulting), Process Implementation in Recruitment areas (ADO Head Hunters) and ADO (OTA)™ the investment in underperforming middle market companies that are experiencing financial or operational difficulty.

Business Process Outsourcing

The deep and enduring partnerships we have formed with our Limited Partners are at the foundation of The ADO Corporation corporate culture. We consider ourselves to be their long-term partners in achieving business and investment goals, we can only be successful if our Limited Partners are successful. Reflecting our partnership commitment, more than 40 companies and institutions have work in successive business opportunities since 1979.

Head Hunters

For ADO HeadHunter division — ADO HH, there's only one simple and efficient mission: To place the right executive in the desired position. As a performance driven executive search firm division, we are the first in the industry to measure and audit results. Our path breaking quality programs ensure that we deliver exceptional service to our clients. ADO HH is a global leader in C-Suite, top executive, and board searches, as well as private equity and venture capital consulting services. Our worldwide organization is form by expert professionals that offers a proven record of success in Technology, Media and Telecom, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Professional Services, Human Resources, Retail and Manufacturing. ADO HH is an executive leadership and search firm, serving clients globally for more than 30 years. We are a private firm with consultants across North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, covering all major business regions including Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia, the Middle East and the South Pacific. We advise our global clients on recruiting and retaining outstanding leaders, and help them mitigate the risks associated with senior level appointments.

Our industry leading assessment capabilities evaluate leaders and candidates with in-depth behavioral interviews, and assess candidates against industry benchmarks in our particular way. Our private database is rigorously maintained and reflects our collective cross-sector, global and senior-level network of contacts. ADO HH With experts in every business sector and functional area - locally, nationally and globally — we are structured to succeed. 

As mid to senior level and executive search recruiters, ADO HH recruiting firm is able to consistently provide employers with exceptional candidates in all areas of HR. When it comes to international Sales, I.T., Marketing, Accounting, Engineering, HR, Management, and many other facets of corporate recruiting, our recruiters are swiftly able to qualify, interview and place job seekers. ADO HH has 20+ years of industry experience via our management team. Our mid to "C"-level search recruiters have proven time and time again that they have the headhunting and recruiting expertise to swiftly maneuver around any competing job search firm. When it comes to our applicants, we are uniquely qualified to offer search professionals a more qualified match for their professional employment background. To hundreds of clients around the U.S., Canada and Western Europe, our search firm has become the choice provider of mid to senior level and executive search services.

Our goal is to assist you in attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent. This critical function determines the long-term success of your company. Therefore, choosing the right search firm is of vital importance. You need one that will make the entire recruitment process the most effective, efficient, manageable and rewarding experience possible. ADO HH is a global leader within the executive search consulting industry. Our unique approach provides clients with in depth expertise, exceptional efficiency, and freedom from the "off-limits" restrictions that can prevent successful recruitment of top performers. In a world filled with executive search firms that increasingly offer more obstacles than services, we has emerged as the alternative to the oligopoly, with an extraordinary commitment to performance, quality and results. With a philosophy of quality service and true partnership with our clients, we are committed to placing the right executive in the position. Proof positive of ADO HH ability to deliver results is our 78% successful placement rate, with 90% of these placements taking an average of 107 days. ADO HH has achieved an enviable reputation through its focus on presenting board members, chairmen, chief executives, upper candidates to industry, academia, non—profit and government institutions.

Fund Management

An effective investment strategy combines incisive market research, analytical rigor and careful decision making. Our research is now backed by the expertise of ADO Corporation. This profund research is coupled with the market knowledge of our experienced Investment Professionals. Clients benefit from a combination of research, Investment Professional experience and world-class trading and transactional capabilities. We realize that each client is different and each investment strategy is unique. At ADO Hedge Fund, we offer customized solutions that are creative and flexible and, where necessary, utilize the resources and expertise of other areas of the firm. Whether a client is seeking a professional and disciplined portfolio management approach to help invest a pool of assets, access to a broad range of unaffiliated money management firms identified by us as among the finest in the industry, or both, our Investment Professionals seek a set of investment solutions tailored to each client.

Each investment manager has one best way of producing short term results. Investment Dynamics is ADO Hedge Fund best way, as it represents all of ADO active management capabilities combined into a single, highly diversified short and mid term strategy. The strategy incorporates all of the proprietary fixed income, currency, equity and commodity trading strategies we have developed over the course of 37 years into one diversified short and mid term results engine. Investment Dynamics is a highly flexible and portable strategy by design. We can tailor the aggressiveness of the strategy to each client's risk and return preferences. The strategy can also be overlaid onto any client-specified benchmark. As a result, Investment Dynamics can be implemented in a variety of ways, from a "hedge fund" style strategy (managed over a cash benchmark with higher volatility), to an "enhanced-index" or "core plus" strategy (over a stock or bond benchmark with lower volatility), to a "global tactical asset allocation" strategy (overlaid onto a multi-asset class benchmark).

ADO Private Equity is ADO Hedge Fund optimal mid and long term portfolio, a strategic asset allocation mix that ADO believes will produce favorable risk-adjusted returns. As with ADO Investment Dynamics, ADO Private Equity can be run at various degrees of aggressiveness based on client-specified risk and return objectives. The strategy is called P.E. mid and long term because it is designed to perform equally well across all market environments. We manage ADO Private Equity portfolios independently, as well as with our optimal short term strategy, Investment Dynamics. ADO Investment Dynamics overlaid on ADO Private Equity is ADO Hedge Fund optimal portfolio.

Investment Dynamics

Investment Dynamics is an innovative and independent markets investment advisor and asset manager. We provide tailored markets investment ideas and solutions to private clients and institutions on a discretionary, advisory basis. We advise our clients for better and more efficient solutions on the developing of investment trading ideas, stock picking and money management, all together in a precise tailor-made way. An investment philosophy built around absolute return and wealth preservation has allowed Investment Dynamics to generate an impressive, long term track record profits clients during bull and bear markets alike. With the help of our sistematic knowledge we offer to our clients investment ideas for their product-driven portfolios and founds.

In our common sense, we provide investment ideas on a huge range of markets. Stocks, commodities, bonds managed funds and currencies. Investment Dynamics works on long, medium and short rage of time trading ideas.

We are committed to the especific aplication of investment fundamentals. Buy low, sell high; focus on return of investment avoiding all the unusefull traders retoric. Investment Dynamics services work in a two way system: Our clients come to us with their own investment ideas or picks, and we provide them with our expert methodology to develop a better and efficient way for their investment system. We provide to our clients with our ideas or picks and them choose in their way.

Investment Process

A disciplined and rigorous investment process ensures that we provide clients with medium and long term absolute returns but not at the expense of understanding and incorporating individual clients' requirements. Our experienced team of investment managers not only provide innovative solutions blending traditional portfolio techniques with alternative investments and strategies but they ensure to our clients with real selected investment ideas or stock picks. Our size allows us to act quickly and decisively on behalf of our clients; an agility and responsiveness rarely found today in large financial institutions. We have the suficient autonomy to offer tailor-made solutions to our clients in the pursuit of superior investment performance. Our senior management are key shareholders in the business and as such are committed to the medium and long term success of our clients and take pride in the Investment Dynamics name and solutions.

Private Equity

ADO Private Equity is an innovative, independent asset manager. We provide tailored investment solutions to private clients and institutions on a discretionary, advisory andexecution-only basis. An investment philosophy built around absolute return and wealth preservation has allowed ADO Private Equity to generate an impressive, long term track record forits clients during bull and bear markets alike. Whilst many investment managers pay lip service to offering individualised portfolio management, it is becoming increasingly common within the investment industry to operate standardised, product-driven portfolios. This “one-size fits all” approach of many larger financial institutions comes at the expense of delivering a personalised service to clients. This is an anathema to ADO Private Equity. 

A disciplined and rigorous investment process ensures that we provide clients with long term absolute returns but not at the expense of understanding and incorporating individual clients’ requirements. Our experienced team of investment managers provide innovative solutions blending traditional portfolio techniques with alternative investments and strategies. Our size allows us to act quickly and decisively on behalf of our clients; an agility and responsiveness rarely found today in large financial institutions. We are not hamstrung by internal products or services; we have the autonomy to offer “best of breed” solutions in the pursuit of superior investment performance. Our senior management are key shareholders in the business and as such are committed to the long term success of our clients and take pride in the ADO Private Equity name. 

ADO Private Equity has a unique investment strategy that utilizes both economic fundamentals and technological expertise. We begin with macroeconomic fundamental analysis to determine growth sectors, and concentrate assets in those sectors. At the moment, that brings us to resources, alternative energy, and precious metals. ADO Private Equity then utilizes a rigorous stock selection process to find companies with 10X potential within those sectors. The fund seeks outstanding results by finding a small number of truly unique investments with asymmetric risk/reward profiles and defined realizable catalysts. The fund employs extensive bottom-up fundamental analysis. Specifically, we seek prosperity through discovery. We utilize our technological expertise to determine which companies are about to discover, or recently have discovered, new resources or new technologies and are capable of bringing them to market. Considered most important are catalysts (such as the introduction of new products or patents, the discovery and buildup of a large resource, corporate restructuring or market repositioning, and any special situations) that will improve the perceived value of the company. ADO Private Equity will seek to buy and hold such stocks until the event sought occurs. If necessary, we may aid with the acquisition, merging, or breakup of companies to increase value.

Primary Strategy

This primary strategy tends to yield long-term capital gains and short-term capital losses. Since long-term capital gains have a significantly lower tax rate than short-term capital gains, ADO Private Equity tends to be very tax efficient. This tax efficiency distinguishes ADO Private Equity since most hedge funds engage in significant short-term trading.

Although concentrating a portfolio in relatively few sectors and often in small and micro-cap positions tends to increase volatility, we use little or no leverage and, consequently, can ride through short-term volatility to capitalize on specific company events. We will, however, trade around core positions to capture additional gains from volatility, and hedge against it using market timing strategies. When we perceive that macroeconomic fundamentals are changing, we will change the sectors we are concentrated in. There is no assurance, however, that our strategies will be successful.

ADO Private Equity is for high net worth investors seeking superior performance with a small portion of their overall net worth. Investors should only invest risk capital, enabling them to tolerate the possibility of high volatility. In its sole discretion, the General Partner may limit or expand the class, type, and nature of the investments which the fund will be permitted to make. The primary objective of the partnership will be superior capital appreciation.

Event Driven Fund

Efficient markets theory tells us that securities prices are always right. That is, prices reflect all known and knowable information perfectly, leaving no opportunity for incremental gain by being better, smarter or more informed than the market in general. Our experience tells us otherwise. While the markets may be efficient on balance, there are pockets of inefficiency that can be exploited by experts who know where to look. Often these inefficiencies are the result of significant corporate events, events which are substantial enough to disrupt the status quo and to create an imbalance in the market place. For almost one decade, ADO Fund Management has applied its knowledge and expertise to trading these event-driven opportunities, reaping superior risk- adjusted returns independent of the overall market.

Investment Strategy

Corporate events can take many forms. Broadly, ADO Fund Management specializes in merger and acquisition transactions, distressed and restructuring opportunities and special situations equity investing in a variety of events including corporate spin-offs and split-ups, shareholder agitation and proxy contests, balance sheet arbitrage and consolidation opportunities.

The common element of all of these strategies is an underlying event significant enough to create trading imbalances or fundamental uncertainty in the securities in question. ADO Fund Management approach to event-driven investing is opportunistic, building portfolios bottom-up, trade-by-trade in response to market conditions. This flexibility results in an all-season approach to investing, where the strategy relies not on the cycle in any particular sector but rather on the ever-present existence of corporate change.

Investment Process

People are often surprised to learn that many of our best ideas come straight from the pages of major newspapers and magazines. In fact, the vast majority of ADO Fund Management investments involve announced transactions which are known to the investment community at large. We add real value by developing a fully informed picture of the event through a process of exhaustive research and by applying our experience to interpret complex event flows. Event-driven investing is an information game. As a result, ADO Fund Management process is extremely research-intensive and focused on gathering all information available with particular emphasis on the quality of that information.

Beyond simple enterprise valuation, ADO Fund Management investment analysis focuses on understanding legal, interpersonal and strategic forces, on synthesizing complex deal terms and phenomena, and on monitoring the potential impact of subsequent events, including exogenous forces. This process draws on the skill, talent and creativity of the firm's sizable research staff and ultimately relies on the expertise and judgment of the firm's senior portfolio management team, drawing on their decades of experience in event-driven markets.

Risk Management

In fact, we believe that not losing money is as important to investment success as finding profitable trades. Losing trades are inevitable in investment management; the key to investment success is minimizing the impact of those losing trades on your portfolio. Accordingly, we view risk management as one of our most important jobs.

Our risk management approach has several elements. Overall, we are keenly focused on downward loss potential in everything we do, examining the risk of individual positions as well as sector and overall market exposure. ADO Fund Management also uses a number of risk mitigation trading techniques, including extensive hedging and stop-loss disciplines. Finally, the firm has historically paid careful attention to prudent portfolio diversification and has used only modest leverage in all of its investment programs. Taken together, these risk strategies have allowed the firm to enjoy low volatility and preservation of capital in its investment programs.

Operational TurnArounds

ADO Operational TurnArounds con sede en Madrid, España, está enfocada a la resolución efectiva de TurnArounds; planes de choque para impedir la desaparición efectiva o progresiva de compañías en dificultades económicas o de gestión. ADO Operational TurnArounds invierte sus recursos en firmas pertenecientes al segmento de pequeña y mediana empresa, que estén experimentando dificultades para mantener o desarrollar todo su posible potencial, ya sea a nivel de perdida de liquidez y/o operaciones no rentables. 

ADO Operational TurnArounds is an investment management firm focusing on operational turnarounds.

ADO (OTA)™  invests in underperforming middle market companies that are experiencing financial or operational difficulty arising from:

Loss of Liquidity                 

Unprofitable Operations                 

Special Danger Situations

ADO (OTA)™ was founded in 1980 as a turnaround management and consulting firm that provides urgent advice and execution leadership from restructuring experts accountable for results.  ADO (OTA)™ has built a strong, multi-disciplinary team, with partners having over 37 years’ experience employing the hybrid skill set of operational leadership, turnaround management, and capital markets structuring. The team brings a sense of urgency to each assignment, with the mindset of operators focused on results. ADO (OTA)™ has established a successful track record turning around managing businesses in diverse industries, including transportation, industrials, telecommunications, financial services, and business services. We focus on the operational turnaround of companies utilizing our Operational Management model, leveraging our in-house stable of top-flight business executives. We have active relationships with leading lenders, private equity sponsors, and companies across industries.

Our Management Way

ADO (OTA)™ employs its Operational Acquisitions management model to drive results.
The key elements of its operational restructuring plans are typically:

Execute a proven methodology to drive sustainable results:

- Assess/Suspend cash draining activities

- Attenuate cash burn

- Aggressively free up working capital

- Reduce balance sheet stress 

Reduce capacity and aggressively manage resources:

- Cut capacity to below expected demand

- Generate cash immediately through asset sales, collateral reductions, alignment of payables and receivables, etc. 


Ultimately, resolve the sources of enterprise stress:

- Re-align capacity with demand
- Apply disciplined management controls
- Focus on profitable growth
- Acquire bolt-on investments
- Exit through sales to strategic buyers or re-capitalization.

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